What We Do

RSK Properties is a real estate investment company. We buy, renovate and sell or rent single family and multifamily homes in the Kansas City metro area. In the process, our goal is to revitalize the neighborhoods and communities in which we serve.

We seek out people who want or need to quickly sell their home as is, so you can avoid the headaches of finding qualified people to make the repairs. We understand life events or other stressful situations can happen, and want to help you find solutions to the challenges you face, whether that is financial or otherwise. If you want to sell a home, then please call or e-mail us today for a cash offer!

We also offer cash rewards for referrals! If you know of a motivated seller who could benefit from our services, please let them know about RSK Properties and how they can reach us.

Renovations: Our services included purchasing distressed residential properties that we renovate, restore and transform for our customers. We also seek to add value, by updating floor plan layouts, adding bathrooms, walk in closets or other approaches to older homes. We work with contractors and building officials to provide viable solutions to the challenges these properties often present. 

Rentals: Our services include renovating homes that are slightly in disrepair and offer them for rent at competitive rental rates. In many cases, updating finishes and upgrading bathrooms and kitchens is all that is needed to bring these homes up to today’s market. The updated homes help stabilize the surrounding neighborhood property values.

Multi-Family: We are interested in undervalued multi-family properties with 2 to 8 units in stable Kansas City neighborhoods including Waldo, Kansas City, Grandview and more. Please contact us if you have an asset meeting this criteria and you would like to sell.

New Build Projects:  We are also looking for owners with vacant lots in the urban core that are unsure of what to do with it, want to get rid of it, or seeking a way to gain income. We can purchase the property outright or partner with the land owner to develop new build multi-family residential properties to sell. Our focus is incorporating sustainable design elements, developing creatively designed, right sized properties that are a reflection of our understanding about the way people aspire to live.